The only thing not attracted to light is darkness. The single greatest way to prevent your children from falling into evil is to fill them with the light.

– Sean Wagner (Student Pastor)


Our Vision

Shine Above. Shine Brighter. Shine Together.


illumin8 is an exciting, Christ-centered ministry for students ranging in ages from 12 to high school. Our goal is to fill our students with so much light, with so much truth, with so much love for the Gospel that they radiate and illumin8 the darkness that has overtaken so much of our world today.

At illumin8, we have weekly gatherings geared toward fun, fellowship, and real encounters with the Word of God. We are creating world-changers – our children are our futures! We have three fundamental themes: shine above, shine brighter, shine together. 

Shine Above: Look at the lights - do they shine their best when resting on the floor? Or, instead, do we place them above our heads, able to light a whole room? As Christians, we should be lighting up our world with the good news of Jesus Christ - and we best do that by living a life above sin.

Shine Brighter: Our world is loud. The enemy is loud. Our world is unashamed of its message and its intents. We teach our students to shine brighter. We don’t have to get on the floor, but when trouble is trying to come in like a flood - stand strong, shine bright, and be unashamed.

Shine Together: A bright light can only be complimented by fellow bright lights. We recognize today that our students need each other. They need the church. They need holy, godly fellowship with like-minded Christ-followers.



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